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  • The Safe Way

We think safety: every week, every day, every hour

The safety and well being of our employees is directly related to our ability to provide excellent construction services. Safety is woven throughout our business day, in pre-construction meetings, new hire orientations, task-specific training, and Monday morning safety meetings. This ensures that our most important assets, our employees and subcontractors, remain uninjured. We pay equal attention to the safety of all people conducting adjacent activities, whether they are neighbours, pedestrians, staff or visitors.

We think safety: every week, every day, every hour. It is a Molinc requirement that all job sites conduct weekly safety meetings. All on-site employees and subcontractors are required to attend. No work begins until this meeting is finished. All employees are empowered to stop all work and help resolve any unsafe condition.

Molinc Constructions works in partnership with OH & S standards to ensure a safe work environment for all employees and subcontractors.




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