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  • Molinc Values

Honesty, Fairness and Respect
We employ a general level of candidness and use fair and reasonable standards when dealing with clients, vendors and employees. We treat others in a consistent, objective and equitable manner, using courtesy because we recognize and respect that individuals come from different backgrounds and have different capabilities.

Competence, Prudence and Innovation
We strive to be aware of all aspects of a given task and be capable of managing the process efficiently and effectively. We are conservative in our use of company and client resources through well-thought-out decision-making, and we continually strive to find better ways to do things through further education.

Openness, Cooperation and Consistency
We are accessible to others with questions and concerns, receptive to new ideas and methods, frank in addressing issues and willing to share knowledge. We work with others and share resources and knowledge so that our total product is the best value we can collectively produce. We use the same standards in addressing issues in similar situations.

Commitment, Generosity and Health
We devote enough to a particular task to complete it efficiently and effectively. We promote physical and mental well-being and a reasonable balance between work, family and recreation.




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