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  Green Philosophy

What we build today shapes future generations.
Molinc encourages green building. We understand that changes in design and construction practices can result in better resource efficiency, reduce waste and shrink our carbon footprint. Our commitment to green building is aligned with our commitment to building quality. On each project, we propose environmentally sustainable alternatives, stressing energy efficiency, durability, and overall building performance. Building it right the first time is ultimately the best route to saving energy, time, resources and money.

Molinc encourages the use of all the major green building certification systems currently available.

During the pre-construction phase our Project Managers and Estimators:
• Identify and prioritize the sustainable strategies in support of the owner’s goals
• Provide specific pricing for various levels of aspiration
• Understand the requirements of third party certification systems

During construction, Molinc has expertise and internal systems to accurately document third party certification requirements including:

• Waste management
• Green materials and local sourcing



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