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  • Pre-construction

Molinc Constructions provides comprehensive preconstruction services to clients.

We learned early on that problem-free projects begin with a thorough preconstruction effort from a combination of sources–Molincs’ construction team and estimating staff, the project architect, and any major sub-consultants, all in close communication with the owner. We understand effective preconstruction services are so important to the outcome of a project, managing the process should be considered part of the contractor’s responsibilities.

Extensive discussion with long-term clients and architects continues to show us that our clients desire a formal, systematic approach to preconstruction, one that they can anticipate and track. To that end we use a preconstruction “menu” to more specifically identify the activities and timing of our efforts. It maps our approach and the services we provide, from the presentation of the owner’s initial concept to awarding of the contract. Molinc Construction’s expertise adds value to projects as alternatives are studied, budget and schedules are developed and design decisions are made.

We offer the following pre-construction services:
• Scheduling and planning
• Cost estimating
• Identification and procurement of long lead items
• Green building expertise
• Planning Permit co-ordination


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